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Power Generation Solutions for Energy Intensive Industries

We are dedicated to serving the unique needs of energy intensive businesses, including Data Centers and the Oil & Gas sector. Our expertise also extends to delivering reliable prime and backup power generation solutions for companies with mission critical energy demands.


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At RPower, we specialize in delivering dependable energy solutions tailored to your needs. With expertise in Prime and Backup Power Generation solutions, we ensure the resilience of your energy infrastructure. As a Portfolio Company of I Squared Capital, our robust capitalization guarantees financial stability in every solution we provide.

Our focus lies in serving energy intensive sectors such as Data Centers, Oil & Gas, and Industrial Manufacturing. Understanding the unique demands of these industries, we deliver customized solutions that ensure reliability and resiliency. Our backup generation services guarantee uninterrupted power supply for businesses with mission critical operations. Our prime power solutions accelerate our customers ability to meet market demands when the utility grid is not available.

Discover how RPower can empower your business with reliable power generation solutions, ensuring your business operations for the future.

Power Generation & Energy Management

Whether your business needs onsite prime power generation, a backup power solution or to manage critical power consumption – the RPower team will create a tailored plan to optimize your power needs & generate savings in the process.

Resilience-as-a-Service (RaaS)

The infrastructure and 24/7 support to ensure continuous power supply, better prevent disruptions to business operations, and bolster energy resilience.

Utility Bridge & Prime Power

Providing businesses with onsite power generation solutions to meet energy needs when the grid is not available.

Energy Management Services

An assortment of services, including Demand Response programs, to strategically adjust energy usage for greater financial gain while supporting the stability of the electric grid in your region.

Industries We Power

We partner with businesses and their teams across a broad range of industries to provide best-in-class power generation & energy management solutions. Learn about the challenges facing businesses in these verticals and our bespoke solutions to overcome them.

Data Centers

Secure, reliable solutions to facilitate the energy-intensive demands of data centers and accelerate speed to market.

Oil & Gas

Comprehensive power generation and energy management solutions tailored to the unique needs of the oil and gas industry by optimizing operations, minimizing costs, and enhancing resiliency.


Strategic, recommended solutions for ensuring resiliency and optimizing energy usage of retail businesses.

Industrial Manufacturing

Tailored power generation and energy management solutions for industrial manufacturing, helping ensure continued business operations and optimizing energy consumption to drive sustainable profitability.

Warehouse & Distribution

Services that reinforce the resilience of warehouse and distribution businesses, while optimizing their energy usage to ensure they can deliver for their customers during natural disasters and when the utility grid is stressed.

Intermodal Container Stacked on Port


Solutions designed to optimize energy usage and resiliency in the transportation sector, enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and promoting sustainability.


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