Powering Industries with Reliable Energy Solutions

RPower is Your Trusted Partner for Baseload, Peaking, and Backup Generation.

Your Trusted Partner in Power Generation Solutions

At RPower, we specialize in delivering dependable energy solutions tailored to your needs. With expertise in Baseload, Peaking, and Backup Generation, we ensure the resilience of your energy infrastructure. As a Portfolio Company of I Squared Capital, our robust capitalization guarantees stability in every solution we provide.

Our focus lies in serving energy-intensive sectors such as Data Centers and Oil & Gas. Understanding the unique demands of these industries, we deliver customized solutions that ensure efficiency and reliability. Additionally, our backup generation services guarantee uninterrupted power supply for businesses with mission-critical operations.

Discover how RPower can empower your business with reliable and efficient energy solutions, powering the future of industries.

What We Do

Our business is to connect our customers with the best possible energy solutions for their business. To some customers that means engineering and building distributed energy projects; monitoring, maintaining and optimizing the assets that get deployed on those projects for participation in energy management programs. To other customers our role may only be a subset of those key components of a successful distributed energy project.  When it comes to energy, what we do can help you achieve operational resilience, save money, and help you achieve your environmental goals.

Turnkey Microgrid Systems

Leveraging our team’s decades of energy market experience, RPower specializes in end-to-end microgrid solutions for traditional “island mode” operation as well as grid-synchronized systems. By assessing your needs from an unbiased “technology and vendor agnostic” perspective, we’re able to develop, deploy, and operate the right mix of resiliency assets, decreasing risk and cost while maximizing the value that these investments can return to your bottom line. Our microgrid systems are the optimal solution for businesses seeking power independence and autonomy in virtually any environment.

Our suite of turnkey microgrid project development services encompasses:

Load Analysis

Feasibility Assessments

System Engineering and Design

Equipment Procurement



Permitting and Interconnection

Operations and Maintenance Services

Well-functioning O&M programs can save up to 20% on energy bills, but many businesses lack the resources or personnel to operate and maintain power generation equipment effectively.

In addition to handling the day-to-day operation of your microgrids, RPower can perform service quality audits, manage scheduled and unscheduled maintenance events and repairs. For customers who participate in the “bring your own generator programs” (BYOG) we can also train your team and service vendors to manage and interact with these on-site systems on an ongoing basis to keep up with technology and understand how our systems function. 

Potential benefits of our O&M services include:

  • Longer uptimes and reduced failures
  • Cost savings via preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Extended asset lifetimes and improved performance
  • Enhanced ESG effectiveness and safety
  • Re-focus limited internal resources on your core business

24/7/365 Remote Monitoring Services

The more critical the loads are behind a distributed generation system, the more critical it is to ensure its reliability, performance, and security. RPower remote monitoring service provides a round-the-clock watchdog for your energy system and assets, exercising and running system health checks, alerting you to issues of concern, remotely diagnosing those issues when possible, and dispatching an informed technician the first time avoiding wasted site visits and saving you money.

Energy Management Services

For customers who already own or will own their own distributed generation system, our energy management services maximize the market revenues and savings that these assets can deliver. Our market experts and traders bring decades of experience optimizing distributed generation assets.

In addition to remote monitoring, we handle everything related to the day-to-day operation and optimization of your microgrid system. Depending on the size of your load, operating profile of the equipment, and available market programs we may simply transition your facility off of grid power to run on the microgrid in “island mode” when needed without your facility ever seeing a blip.

For larger loads that may incorporate multiple large generators with uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) or larger battery energy storage systems, and grid synchronizing switchgear we are always watching over the equipment and tapping the right resources for only the market programs that they support. By leveraging advanced software and our industry experience, we increase the returns on your asset investments.

Resilience as a Service (RaaS)

RaaS is the full bundled offering that marries all of RPower’s services and expertise in one turnkey “as-a-service” subscription package.

Instead of tapping into capital budgets to buy power generation assets only to add a line item to the opex budget to then maintain them, RaaS customers leave the ownership, installation, maintenance, remote monitoring, and asset optimization to RPower while they enjoy the benefit of full-site resiliency at their facilities. Depending on our customer’s risk appetite for participating in the energy market programs with RPower we also offer customized RaaS solutions that offer that flexibility.

RaaS is available with a simple service agreement, flat monthly fee for easy budget forecasting, and transparent reporting on your energy savings over the life of your contract.